Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sleep-over (maybe)

The Rawlieghs are comming over this evening! I'm not sure if they can, but some of them might be staying over the night too. They are going to bring Dance Revolution to play on my Xbox. I have my doubts however, as to whether it will work on the 360 system. Even though I bought the hard-drive with the patches to alow old system games to run, I'm afraid the inputs may be different. Still it's worth a try. If not, we can play call of duty. It has a pretty good multiy player setup. It'll be even better if we can run to Walmart before they get here and buy some more controlers so four of us can play. We can't leave however, until the repairman, whose supposed to fix our hot water finishes up. My Dad said that it wouolodn't take him more than an hour, but I have my doubts!

Tomorow Mr. St. Angelo is comming up to go shooting! If he survives, he's going to take the Rawlieghs (if they stay over) home. He's been promising to come down here for like two years now!

I guess that's all. Exept that I am not at ll happy that we have to go back to school this week. I had to drop out of one of my classes. Something that niether I nor my parents were to happy about.

That's all.


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Delian said...

They're coming... that was all that they would talk about last night... haha, not true, but they did talk about it ;)

Andrew said...

Good, I heard you were up rather late.