Friday, December 23, 2005

Race to Walmart

Wow, last night my Mom and I did the crazyist thing! As I had mentioned previously, I got an Xbox 360 game for my birthday, however, I have been unable to use it because we don't have any kind of game consul, let alone a 360. My Parents were afraid they wouldn't even be able to get one for a month or two, seeing as we were not willing to pay 900$ for one on ebay, and they are so back ordered in all the stores.

Well, at about seven last evening, my Dad was still down with the broken truck, we got a call from X. I shuoldn't say what his real name is, so I'll refer to him as X. X works in the photo department at Walmart. Since my Dad does lot's of work with photos, we have gotten to know him rather well. He even bought a soul (glass jewlry we sell) for his wife. The photo department is right next to electronics, so we had asked him if he could give us a call if an Xbox 360 came in. So when we got this call, we new what it meant. He said that four of them had just come off the truck, and if we wanted one we should come and get it right away.

Well, My Mom and I got in the car, set some kind of a record for speed getting to mansfield, got really scared when we saw that the parking lot was full, and that's a big parking lot, parcked around the side, ran through the store and got there in time to get one!

And we have an Xbox 360 now! I've wanted an Xbox since the old kind came out and now I finaly managed to talk my parents into it! And we got one!

But even though I was with her and helped pick out the excesories, I'm still not alowed to use it until Christmas. And it's just sitting there, and I can't use it! AAAAAAAHH


The 'J' said...

that is soo to Wally world to get an Xbox 360 it rocks...anyway have funn


Andrew said...


Anonymous said...

walmart scares me. honestly i am afraid of it!