Friday, December 16, 2005

The Party Crasher.

Hi Guys! I just finished school two hours ago and I'm postively relieved! Yes J and Del, I would love to come to your house over Christmas. I'm going to be sleeping over at the Jerrors once... althogh I'm not sure when. I can't Monday because that's my Birthday so I'll be busy with family. I think I'm going to the Rawliehs too... but they don't get off until the 22... poor unfortunets. So Perhaps Tuesday or Wendsday would be good for the Cornfield/Jerror/Wilber bash. This is all asuming it's ok with Parents ofcourse. And there is all of the week after that too, so really no rush.

(Yes Dell, I do invite myself to other peoples houses a lot. It is my only vice... well actualy not... but we won't go there right now.)

J- you can get it [your picture] to apear there if you go into profile, find the box that says "picture URL" then find a picture of yourself, post it on your blog. When you click on the picture to see it up close, up, in the website www. box the letters you see up there are the URL so copy them and type them in the URL box in your profile. That should make it so your picture appears on your comments. If that wasn't clear, then I'll try to explain it on Sunday.

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Delian said...

Hahaha, I didn't know that you like inviting yourself over to other's peoples houses makes me laugh lol.