Saturday, December 17, 2005

Narnia and Septic Systems

Today I had to preform the manly task of helping my Dad fix the septic system. It took us a while, and a lot of digging with the skidsteer, to find the tank. Then we used a crowbar to pry it open. I won't go into detail as to what we found, however, it is safe to say the problem was resolved... at least temporarily.

I saw the L W and W for the second time today and it was fun. Although the theater was the most uncomfortable ever. I got to see an old freind again.

See you all in the morning.



Delian said...

Who is your old friend?
First to comment!

Andrew said...

Casey Denison, he's an old aqaintence from karate. He also has a little sister from China... named Mattea after our Mattea. We get together a few times a year still. Once he invited me to join his band, but my parents wouldn't let me... so since I'm not in karate anymore, I rarely see him

The 'J' said... you have had a full week!!!I'll see you in about 2 in a half hours