Friday, December 30, 2005

Guns, Gore and Really Cold Hands

This morning Mr. Saint showed up (as he'd been promising to do for about two years now) and he brought all these wicked sweet guns! So around 11am after a qwiuk game of Call of Duty 2 Alex and I went out with him to try and find a good spot to set up. It was so cool! We looked like a commando! We were all wearing black snow gear. The Saint was carrying a 308. scoped and this big tool box filled with ammo. I had all the pockets in my jacket and jeans stuffed with ammo and I was carrying a 30-06 with scope. Alex was bringing up the rear with a 9mm SMG and an AR15 (better known a semi-auto M16)! The Saint and I couldn't agree on a safe spot too shoot, so we ended up walking about a mile and a half or so through the snow in the freezing cold and wind. We fainaly ended up all the way out back. We found a log down across the path and set up our targets on it. Mr. Saint had provided the targets and we soon learned that they were notes from one of his college classes on chikidies of all things!

We then stepped back about 34 yards and began the barage. Actualy we only fired one at a time. I shall recount some of the details: Alex had never shot anything larger than a 22 before, but by the end of the day we had him shooting the 308. The highlight of the day for me was shooting the Saints AR15. It had a 30 round magazine!!! That is so sweet! There illegal to make now so there gettin hard to find. But thirty shots without having to reload! I'm still geekin out about it! The Saint also fired my 30-06 and remarked on it's powerful, painful kick (I was useing 180 grain soft points!)

While we were doing this first my hands... then Alexes feet (he had chucks on) then my hands again froze beyond feeling. Towards the end, I had the brilient idea to put a log down in the path, put a cornbag on the log take the 308., lie down in the snow and atemept to shoot in a prone position. I'm not really sure what happend next, but I think I had ny face to close to the scope, and the butt plate to far from my shoulder. At any rate, I sqeezed the trigger and Boom!!! the scope smashed right into my face! Even though in only really hit my forhead, it threw my sjaw out of place and made my eyes water, and made my whole head feel weird. I didn't say anything to the guy's but I was afriad for a second that I might have concusion! But I didn't : )

After returning home, I cooked lunch (yes, I cooked) and after talking to my parents, and grandparents (they had stopped by) we moved to the living room, pluged in Call of Duty, and spent the rest of the afternoon slautering eachother with some not so real weapons. We apent so lond in fact that I'm afraid we made the Rawlieghs late for supper (the Saint was supposed to leave at 4:45 but he didn't until 5:15 (he was there ride)).

We watched an older movie the Rocketeers this evening... after recovering from our grief at the Rawlieghs leaving.

That's all for now.

Van Drew the Guerila Warfare Expert


bethany said...

man that whole thing with the scope sounds like it hurt real bad!!

The 'J' said...

I can be your friend lalalalala

Any day and any weather we can be friends I'll share my Gun with another fellow...


Delian said...

I would have freaked out if a scope hit me in the head! & next time tell Alex to use his brain adn put on boots instead of chuck taylors to go out in the FREEZING COLD! It's better to be warm then fashionable!

Anonymous said...

call me a girl but I had NO CLUE what you are talking about??

Andrew said...

We just had some friends over and we went shooting.

Anonymous said...

hahahaahahahaha. wow! fun stuff!