Friday, December 23, 2005

For Those Who were Wondering

For those who were wondering, my favorite music artist is Riley Armstrong.
I know he at least grew up in Canada, although he lives in Nashville now.
He's the best! He play's mostly like, acoustic rock and folk. And some of his songs are soooo funny! You should listen to some of his stuff, it's really good.

In his song 'What If' from his album 'Whatever the Weather' there is the coolest line ever: "What if she thinks I'm crazy cause I'm Canadian maybe"

It's Christian, just incase that makes a difference to you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks andrew! I have heard of him but never his music... i'll check it out. and he is right about the whole CANADIAN thing. We rock! And we are extremely humble!

Delian said...


overthinker said...


well some of you are humble. some of you just think you are...