Thursday, December 08, 2005

All that Snow

Well, I went hunting again today and I saw about six little tiny doe. I think they were the same that I have seen all season long only they were all together this evening. I'm afraid that there just isn't anything worth shooting that's going to be shot at this point. And I probably will only have one more chance to go since I tomorrow I shall be feeverishly at work. I have an essay to write for my AP U.S. History and I need to prepare for the debate I'm doing this Saturday is Syracuse (it's at 8:00 in the morning, do you know how flippin early I'll have to wake up to get there then!). Please pray for me because this is my first time ever and I'm rather nervouse. That is, if it's even going to be on with all this snow comming!

So... what else is going on? (as if I could handle it)

Oh yes! Narnia! It come's out this Friday and I'm going to see it with PJ (and some of you guy's I think) on Sunday, and then with a freind from Mansfield (not PJ) on The Saturday after... and this will be the first movie I,ve gone too see since like... The Return of the King (like three years age)! Well I'll see you.


The 'J' said...

Sweet you are going to go see Narnia on Sunday...Well I might be able to go we'll see but I hope some time you see a good deer worh getting...


bethany said...

i laughed when i read your blog, it, made my day!!! i don't kno why exactly