Friday, December 30, 2005

Guns, Gore and Really Cold Hands

This morning Mr. Saint showed up (as he'd been promising to do for about two years now) and he brought all these wicked sweet guns! So around 11am after a qwiuk game of Call of Duty 2 Alex and I went out with him to try and find a good spot to set up. It was so cool! We looked like a commando! We were all wearing black snow gear. The Saint was carrying a 308. scoped and this big tool box filled with ammo. I had all the pockets in my jacket and jeans stuffed with ammo and I was carrying a 30-06 with scope. Alex was bringing up the rear with a 9mm SMG and an AR15 (better known a semi-auto M16)! The Saint and I couldn't agree on a safe spot too shoot, so we ended up walking about a mile and a half or so through the snow in the freezing cold and wind. We fainaly ended up all the way out back. We found a log down across the path and set up our targets on it. Mr. Saint had provided the targets and we soon learned that they were notes from one of his college classes on chikidies of all things!

We then stepped back about 34 yards and began the barage. Actualy we only fired one at a time. I shall recount some of the details: Alex had never shot anything larger than a 22 before, but by the end of the day we had him shooting the 308. The highlight of the day for me was shooting the Saints AR15. It had a 30 round magazine!!! That is so sweet! There illegal to make now so there gettin hard to find. But thirty shots without having to reload! I'm still geekin out about it! The Saint also fired my 30-06 and remarked on it's powerful, painful kick (I was useing 180 grain soft points!)

While we were doing this first my hands... then Alexes feet (he had chucks on) then my hands again froze beyond feeling. Towards the end, I had the brilient idea to put a log down in the path, put a cornbag on the log take the 308., lie down in the snow and atemept to shoot in a prone position. I'm not really sure what happend next, but I think I had ny face to close to the scope, and the butt plate to far from my shoulder. At any rate, I sqeezed the trigger and Boom!!! the scope smashed right into my face! Even though in only really hit my forhead, it threw my sjaw out of place and made my eyes water, and made my whole head feel weird. I didn't say anything to the guy's but I was afriad for a second that I might have concusion! But I didn't : )

After returning home, I cooked lunch (yes, I cooked) and after talking to my parents, and grandparents (they had stopped by) we moved to the living room, pluged in Call of Duty, and spent the rest of the afternoon slautering eachother with some not so real weapons. We apent so lond in fact that I'm afraid we made the Rawlieghs late for supper (the Saint was supposed to leave at 4:45 but he didn't until 5:15 (he was there ride)).

We watched an older movie the Rocketeers this evening... after recovering from our grief at the Rawlieghs leaving.

That's all for now.

Van Drew the Guerila Warfare Expert

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Their Here!

The Rawlieghs are here! We just watched Sahara.

Going to sleep now.

Sleep-over (maybe)

The Rawlieghs are comming over this evening! I'm not sure if they can, but some of them might be staying over the night too. They are going to bring Dance Revolution to play on my Xbox. I have my doubts however, as to whether it will work on the 360 system. Even though I bought the hard-drive with the patches to alow old system games to run, I'm afraid the inputs may be different. Still it's worth a try. If not, we can play call of duty. It has a pretty good multiy player setup. It'll be even better if we can run to Walmart before they get here and buy some more controlers so four of us can play. We can't leave however, until the repairman, whose supposed to fix our hot water finishes up. My Dad said that it wouolodn't take him more than an hour, but I have my doubts!

Tomorow Mr. St. Angelo is comming up to go shooting! If he survives, he's going to take the Rawlieghs (if they stay over) home. He's been promising to come down here for like two years now!

I guess that's all. Exept that I am not at ll happy that we have to go back to school this week. I had to drop out of one of my classes. Something that niether I nor my parents were to happy about.

That's all.

Monday, December 26, 2005

A Wonderful Christmas

Christmas was wonderful this year! We had a great Christmas Eve service on Saturday (the school that we meet in wouldn't let us be there Sunday) in which Mr. Snap reminded us of the differences between Jesus and other earthly kings. Then we went to a Christmas party at the Lessos. The next morning we woke up and despite the 40 degree temps there was (and still is) snow on the ground! We oppened presents with my family and then ate breakfast. Then my Mom's Parents came up and we did presents with them. Then we went down the hill to my Dads parents... this is always my favorite part and had Christmas dinner with all (most anyways) of our relitves on the on the Wilber side of the Family. And there was Wassale!!! My favorite! Then we did Presents with them. We then watched the Princess Bride (I'm not sure what that has to do with Christmas... but it was still great).

Now I'm gonna have to have yall--- Ahh No! The Floridians and Georgians are rubbing off on me!--- to play video games... and go shooting if you should feel so inclined, because I've decided that I want to go shooting for some reason.

I guess that's all.

Merry Day after Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2005

For Those Who were Wondering

For those who were wondering, my favorite music artist is Riley Armstrong.
I know he at least grew up in Canada, although he lives in Nashville now.
He's the best! He play's mostly like, acoustic rock and folk. And some of his songs are soooo funny! You should listen to some of his stuff, it's really good.

In his song 'What If' from his album 'Whatever the Weather' there is the coolest line ever: "What if she thinks I'm crazy cause I'm Canadian maybe"

It's Christian, just incase that makes a difference to you.

Race to Walmart

Wow, last night my Mom and I did the crazyist thing! As I had mentioned previously, I got an Xbox 360 game for my birthday, however, I have been unable to use it because we don't have any kind of game consul, let alone a 360. My Parents were afraid they wouldn't even be able to get one for a month or two, seeing as we were not willing to pay 900$ for one on ebay, and they are so back ordered in all the stores.

Well, at about seven last evening, my Dad was still down with the broken truck, we got a call from X. I shuoldn't say what his real name is, so I'll refer to him as X. X works in the photo department at Walmart. Since my Dad does lot's of work with photos, we have gotten to know him rather well. He even bought a soul (glass jewlry we sell) for his wife. The photo department is right next to electronics, so we had asked him if he could give us a call if an Xbox 360 came in. So when we got this call, we new what it meant. He said that four of them had just come off the truck, and if we wanted one we should come and get it right away.

Well, My Mom and I got in the car, set some kind of a record for speed getting to mansfield, got really scared when we saw that the parking lot was full, and that's a big parking lot, parcked around the side, ran through the store and got there in time to get one!

And we have an Xbox 360 now! I've wanted an Xbox since the old kind came out and now I finaly managed to talk my parents into it! And we got one!

But even though I was with her and helped pick out the excesories, I'm still not alowed to use it until Christmas. And it's just sitting there, and I can't use it! AAAAAAAHH

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sledding On Little Slopes

I'm now typing not because I have anything very interesting to say, but because I am very bored. However, this may become more interesting as I go, so you might want to stay with me. My Dads gone today, and may not be home tonight. He and Grandpa went down state to try and pick up this old truk that a Sov Grace Church down there said we could have if we fixed it up. We thought we could use it for my Dads business as well as for church moves since it is big. Well they were driving through Kanchahakin this afternoon and my Grandpas truck broke down. So to the best of my knolege their still there.

I havan't done much today. Just played computergames, read blogs, and paced around in circles.
I also played a little guitar and it felt really good since I hadn't played since before I was sick (like 4 days) and I don't like to go for that long without playing.

Every one is fully recovered from the bug now. Although I still havan't gained my 5 pounds back. That may take a long time.

Oh, I remember, I went sleding today! The snow is perfect. It's kind of ironic though. We live on a hill, but there are no good places to sled around. To many fences and trees and things. One of the many downsides of living where I do.

I supose that's all for now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Snow and Weight Loss

It's snowing again today. We'll mostlikely have a white Christmas! I was sad we couldn't go to our caregroups Christmas part, but our Yukon broke down again. My Dad was comming home the other day and he heard a weird noise, but he had to keep going. Then when he was almost here the trucks water pressure got all messed up then the serpintine belt shot out of the engin! Last night he halled it off to the shop, but it may not be fixed for a while since it needs a new belt and maybe even a new water pump. At any rate, we are going to be riding around in the Audi for a... Wow... Wow... just as I am typing Mattea got off the phone with Wilber Auto Sales, and the truck is ready to be picked up! This is great, although it kind of makes what I just said irrelevent. Oh well.

I lost almost 5 pounds while I was sick... and I don't have any spare pounds to lose seeing as I'm almost six feet tall, and before the bug wieghed only 126 pounds! Hopefuly it was just water, but I'm afriad not! For as tall as I am I am the lightest guy I know (yes Dell, even less than PJ, and I'm an inch or two taller than him too). And my parents complain that I slouch to much! I'm like a topheavy twig! There lucky I don't just bend over double and collapse!

I should probably stop working out so much... not that I gained weight any faster before I did... but it might help. And the tea! They say that tea helps people lose weight, and I drink 2 too 3 cups a day! I should stop that too... but I can't because I'd fall asleep allthe time and my parents won't allow any type of caffinated soda in the house. Just to try and explain how crazy this is: You know I've grown about 5 inches in the last two years. Well, I tried on some jeans recently that did fit me a year and a half ago... well, they didn't fit me, but not mainly because they weren't long enough... they were too big aroung the middle!

Emaciated Andrew

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Birthday, Dreadfuly Ill

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I was dreadfuly I'll. Must have been the same thing my brother had that so sadly (or not) prevented him from preforming the other night. And on my birthday too! Oh well, I have recovered now. I got some cool stuff for my birthday... well, actualy mostly clothes, however, I did get the Xbox 360 game Call of Duty 2. Unfortunetly, I don't have an Xbox yet, although my parents have promised that they are going to get one as soon as they again become availible (for less than a thousand dollers, that is) so it may be a while before I can play it.

I guess that's all.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Again!

Wow! We just expreienced our Church Christmas Pagent, and it was so much fun! Chuck, Dell and I all sat right in the front row (we were the only people there). Then it began... and from the first seen where Mina accidentaly ripped her halo of, too the very last... unique... solo! The only down side was that my brother, who was supposed to be Joseph and whom I had to listen to practice his lines every day for the last two months, got dreadfuly sick. It made up for it though, in that the J ended up being Joseph and, despite some near wordrobe malfunctions with the costume that had been made for somone smaller than him, did a wonderful job! Thank you so much Jarrad, your the best! Then there was the part where Marry and Joseph went to lie down on the stage while hloding baby Jesus, who was played by their baby brother. There was this tremendous Bonk.

Got to go watch the the President Now.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Narnia and Septic Systems

Today I had to preform the manly task of helping my Dad fix the septic system. It took us a while, and a lot of digging with the skidsteer, to find the tank. Then we used a crowbar to pry it open. I won't go into detail as to what we found, however, it is safe to say the problem was resolved... at least temporarily.

I saw the L W and W for the second time today and it was fun. Although the theater was the most uncomfortable ever. I got to see an old freind again.

See you all in the morning.


Friday, December 16, 2005

The Party Crasher.

Hi Guys! I just finished school two hours ago and I'm postively relieved! Yes J and Del, I would love to come to your house over Christmas. I'm going to be sleeping over at the Jerrors once... althogh I'm not sure when. I can't Monday because that's my Birthday so I'll be busy with family. I think I'm going to the Rawliehs too... but they don't get off until the 22... poor unfortunets. So Perhaps Tuesday or Wendsday would be good for the Cornfield/Jerror/Wilber bash. This is all asuming it's ok with Parents ofcourse. And there is all of the week after that too, so really no rush.

(Yes Dell, I do invite myself to other peoples houses a lot. It is my only vice... well actualy not... but we won't go there right now.)

J- you can get it [your picture] to apear there if you go into profile, find the box that says "picture URL" then find a picture of yourself, post it on your blog. When you click on the picture to see it up close, up, in the website www. box the letters you see up there are the URL so copy them and type them in the URL box in your profile. That should make it so your picture appears on your comments. If that wasn't clear, then I'll try to explain it on Sunday.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Snowing Like Mad!

Today Misha had some kind of crazy dental procedger done at the Corning children's dentist. They gave her some kind of crazy narcotic to put her to sleep, but I think they overdosed her because she is back home now an she kept keeling over every time she would try to stand up for almost three hours afterwords!

Paulet is here cleaning, and it is snowing like mad outside! That's where all of the Puweis Ney (Latin for underpriviliged younger siblings) are right now. They are currently sleding down that little bank in front of our house. I think we'er supposed to get like five inches of snow! And just one more day of school until Christmas Vacation!

What are you guy's planning to do over Christmas?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I got this picture of a bear family comming across our field the week before Thanksgiving. There was one more that is cut out of the picture so there were five all together. Pretty cool huh.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 12, 2005

A Very Full Weekend (for me at least)

A very full weekend (for me anyway's). On Saturday I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and drove three hour's to get to a debate tournament in Syracuse NY. It was my first time ever and I was morbidly nervouse! When we got there they asked us if we had ever debated before. My Partner, Whitiny had, but I hadn't (as I stated previously). Now my partener Whitiny had gone to a Debate Camp at Patrick Henery College... so for some reason the people there thought that we were like, experts. So when we walk in there they were like "I hope you don't mind, but we put you with some of our more advanced people today" I almost vommited. We went in and started and amazingly, it went ok. We did two rounds and then went back to Corning NY where we ate supper... and I made the mistake of having part of a Cafe Latte. Shortly after I arrived home I recieved new's that my neibor had killed a deer, and since he had already killed one this year, wondered if we wanted it, which my Dad said yes to. So he brought it down, and we hung it up with the skidsteer. That was kind of nice since I hadn't gotten anything this year and had not had a chance to go out that day (it was the last day of deer season). I prefer to shoot them myself... but at least we got something. Well, then I could not get to sleep because of the latte. So I played some computer games, listend to some music and finally, around 11:30 fell asleep. I had been up for nearly 20 hours strait! And debate isn't exactly a mentally soothing sport either! I woke up at 7:30 to go to Church arrived, hung a round for 45 minutes Ushered durring Worship, heard another remarkably good message from Mr. Snapp and went to the Rawlies for lunch. From there we went to the Victory Highway Christmas production (mainly to hear my cousin play violin.

Now hear is where it gets interesting. When we left for the show (there were like, twenty of us), the people in the other car got started rocking back and forth and looking at us like they were a lot cooler than us because they were. We were in a van (and most of us were somewhat smaller than the people in the car) so we could not preform the same stunt. There was only one thing to do! At the first stop sign we came to we stopped (ofcourse) through open the doors and conducted the most smashing Chinese Firedrill ever! Traffic was only stopped for about 30 seconds. The unfortunets behind us however, got in an amazing amount of honking in that amount of time though!

We contiued to the Show, made our donation to the food bank, and got in. The production was quite good. A first rate musicle with more singing than dialog. The only problem was that Del kept chortling at the most inapropriat times, which made me want to join in very badly too. Especialy in the seen where the Angle Gabriel is talking to Marry. Well in this play the Gabriel had a very, very deep voice. When it came to the part where Marry gets up off her knees and joins in the song, at the spot we were sitting in the auditorium, when she stood up she blocked our view of Gabriel. Well they both started singing at the same time and Gabriel's voice was so much louder than her's it drowned it out compeletly and in that moment, it looked, for all the world, like Marry was singing with a Male Baratone Bass Voice!

After this, we returned to the house to eat. Unfortunetly, the chicken that was supposed to be ready had never been cooked due to a crockpot malfunction. We went to McDonalds, and then too the Mall where we Watched the Chronicles of Narnia (which was phenominal by the way). Afterwords PJ said that he thought he looked like the grown-up King Peter. The rest of us however, concurred that he had far more resemblence to Thomnes the Fawn.

PJ then drove me home to PA where I have been since.

Fare Thee Well

Andrew the Exausted

Thursday, December 08, 2005

All that Snow

Well, I went hunting again today and I saw about six little tiny doe. I think they were the same that I have seen all season long only they were all together this evening. I'm afraid that there just isn't anything worth shooting that's going to be shot at this point. And I probably will only have one more chance to go since I tomorrow I shall be feeverishly at work. I have an essay to write for my AP U.S. History and I need to prepare for the debate I'm doing this Saturday is Syracuse (it's at 8:00 in the morning, do you know how flippin early I'll have to wake up to get there then!). Please pray for me because this is my first time ever and I'm rather nervouse. That is, if it's even going to be on with all this snow comming!

So... what else is going on? (as if I could handle it)

Oh yes! Narnia! It come's out this Friday and I'm going to see it with PJ (and some of you guy's I think) on Sunday, and then with a freind from Mansfield (not PJ) on The Saturday after... and this will be the first movie I,ve gone too see since like... The Return of the King (like three years age)! Well I'll see you.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Great Message, Narnia and Hunting

Hey guys (Sovereingn Grace People or who ever else may by reading this)! That was a great sermon today! I didn't take any notes and I'm not going to ever again because now I can just print them off of Del's Blog (hehehe, just kidding Del ; ). I really like the book of John 1. Can you believe I had the whole first chapter of that memorized once. Actualy that's not saying much considering that the first chapter is only ten verses long. But it's still farther than the Saint got (Raechel, Mr. Kimble, the Saint and I were all doing it together)! Sorry St. (I shall refer to you as that). I know at that point you probably had a lot less time and energy than I did... but still. Well, anyways it was agreat messege and you can most likely read it on Del's blog (go into comments on my last post and click her name).

Say, is anyone getting really exited about the Chronicles of Narnia comming out? I'm going to see it with my family and some freinds in a couple weeks. But we could go see it before then. My Mom said that if I got a chance to go see it with freinds then I should go ahead. And I was like, "How many times has that happend before." (never, I'm probably like the only teenager in the country who has never gone to see a movie without his parents/extended family!!!) or something equally sarcastic that I probably shouldn't have said but was completely true. Well maybe it could be a first. Although it's probably impracticle considering that I have no way of getting up there. And you know, I have never really been to a party other than a birthday party (not that I have anything against birthday parties, but you know what I mean). In fact, I don't think I have ever gone anywhere with friends without parents being there (well, once I went to walmart with the Rawlies, I know I just butcherd the spelling, apologies). Oh well.

I'll probably go hunting tomorrow. Hopefuly I'll get something this week.

See you all next week. (S.O.S. isn't this week is it?)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Fourth Day of Deer Season

Today I went out around mid-morning with two freinds. We attempted drives [drive: a hunting manuever in which the hunting party splits in two. Part of the group goes to one side of the forest and takes up sniper positions. The other goes around too the other side and and begins walking toward the other's driving any deer that were hiding out the other side where the waiting sniper team picks them off.] in three different areas but came out empty handed. Late this afternoon I took to the field once again by myself. I waited behind a hay bale until it got to dark to shoot properly and then came in here and began typing this. And my hands are so stiff from the cold that I can hardly type!

Still nothing. : (

Andrew the Hypothermic