Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Third Day of Deer Season

I woke up about seven this morning with the intention of going out but alas, I did not. Late this afternoon after school however, my brother spoted a group of small deer in the field outside our house (possibly the same group I saw before). I went out and sighted in on one for a while, but it was far to small. Since I had all my stuff together I decided to walk out the strip fields a ways. Seeing that there was another hunter on the knob, I ran across the open ground and seated myself behind a hay bale (this I hoped would help me avert the near disaster I mentioned in my first post). A few minutes went by and I saw a buck come out of the pines. It was a decent size, but I could only count two points on the antler faceing me (I like to see at least three) so I didn't shoot. It would have been an easy shot and if it had been near the end of the season I would have taken it, but there's enough time left that I think I'll hold out for better (although I may not get it).

Still nothing.

To be continued.


Andrew the Particular


The 'J' said...

third person to comment!!!

anyway Andrew I admire your patience I probably would have shot at the first thing I saw...


this is Jarred by the way

Delian said...


Andrew said...

Thanks Guys.