Sunday, May 18, 2008

MMORPG's & Stuff In This Thing That We Call Reality

My computer is starting to feel more like my computer now, as I'm slowly getting stuff loaded back on to it. I've been playing World of Warcraft a lot, which is fun, and it it addicting like people say (I actually bought it back in February or March, believe it or not, but I didn't load it on because I was afraid this would happen and I wouldn't get anything done + plus, it's completely online, with other people, which is why they call it an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game) and you have to pay a subscription every month, so it's the sort of thing that wouldn't be cost-effective to play just an hour or two a week).

Some random events:

This past week was my first real week of work - it went pretty well.

My parents went to Virginia, but are back now.

My Dad and some other guys officially resigned from the board of directors, and our whole family ended our membership, as we had never actually been told to leave, and were on a sort of leave of absence. Even though it doesn't seem like the happiest way for things to end, I'm glad, because it seemed like the most graceful end that I could humanly imagine to the whole affair. I think they were in the right personally, but it seemed very clear to me from the first that SG people weren't going to back down on anything, so to fight it further I'm afraid would have hurt a lot more people, some who didn't have any hand in it at all. I'm really thankful that there is some kind of closure on the whole thing now though, and I hope that I'll be able to see how God works through it (I have faith he is, but I hope I will see it).

Please pray very hard for my grandma on my Moms side, she has been having some really bad problems with anxiety attacks and is at the hospital right now over it. Pray for my grandpa, as I'm not really sure he's a believer and I know this has to be really hard on him, and for my Mom also, as it can't easy for her to deal with all this and I think it's wearing on her some.

If your read this don't think I wrote these things in order of importance, it's just that it took me a while to work up to the last couple, so yeah... if you could pray for all that, it would be wonderful.


- Andrew


han said...

all right.

Anonymous said...

I hope things are going a little better, Andrew. Praying for your family and for you.


Anonymous said...

Still praying for you guys!! (btw: I'm a friend of Lydia's (& Keith). :D


Andrew said...

Really? That's great! Keith and Lydia were our neighbors once.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she told me this afternoon. I sent her your blog url, so she might show up here soon. :)


Andrew said...

great, lol.

Mattea K. said...

yeah, well, that was my first time hehehe (as in, writing on the review blog)

Andrew said...

cool, and congratulations on your award this evening!