Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jesse Auiduk Didn't Get Humbled

The Patriots won! So, not that I follow sports at all, but when I did, they were my favorites, because they were my cousin Matthew's... so yeah.  

Friday, December 28, 2007


So... I got a facebook today... which is where almost all of my friends have there online lives (which... as I am finding out with many of them... seems to be most of there lives). It's definitely fast paced and a great way to keep in touch with your friends. I'm not entirely sure I like it though... for a couple of reasons. First... blogging, whether by it's nature as writing... or by virtue of it's slower pace, seems to encourage more thoughtful and artistic medians of communication. Where as people on blogs tended to always write things that were somehow meaningful... like... stories... or analysis or poetry... or scripture... the same people on facebook do stupid things... it's like a playground as opposed to a website... and it has all these pathetically stupid applications that everybody does and seems to think are just the hottest thing that ever happened on the internet. Here's a shout out to all my friends on face book who have sent me apps: I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN AWNSER A 30 QUESTION SURVEY TO FIND OUT IF I SHOULD HOOK UP WITH A SUGAR, OR CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE, OR WHICH DISNEY PRINCESS I AM!!!

And, second... while I often enjoy reading through past posts on blogs... like a sort of personal history... social networking sites (facebook) seem to be much more set on the present... and I can't really see myself looking through it in five years and finding anything really meaningful. 

That criticism voiced, facebook is a lot of fun, and I'll probably be spending way too much time there from now on.

- Andrew


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

Tis Christmas Morning, and they woke me up early to come down and do presents. Dad read the Christmas story, and then, we opened our gifts under the tree. I received a lot more things than I was expecting, but, I must say, among everything, my favorites were a Jack Johnson record, and a new pair of flannel PJ's, which I needed badly, that I am wearing here, this photo I took just a few minutes ago: 

Here is our Christmas Tree:
Here are some of the Girls:
Merry Christmas!

- Andrew

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My 18th Birthday

So, I'm 18 now (I wonder how many of my posts begin with so? probably a lot). On my actual Birthday, the 19th, I had my celebration with my Family, and I got a car! Well, it was one that we had already, but it's legally mine now, and I have to pay for all the maintenance, so, I have a car now. I also got The Edge of the World on DVD, which we watched and was good.
My Mom took me shopping and I also got a couple of pairs of shoes and a T shirt and stuff. Then we went out to eat a Los Panchos, our favorite Mexican Restaurant.

We had my Main Party on Saturday. It was late notice for everyone, and was only a sort of open house, thing, so I wasn't expecting many people to show up, but starting at four, people came, and we ended up with almost everyone we had invited. And some stayed pretty late (namely Mr. St. Angelo, who we played Halo with). So it was really fun.

This morning we went to Church at our Mennonite Church in Canton, and stopped by our Grandparents for Chinese on the way back. So that was my Birthday post. Sorry it was so late in coming, but I've been lazy/busy.

Merry Christmas!

- drew

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here You Go Tai!

Check out this country spoof song that Ben and I recorded in one evening together.

Note: Everything in this song actually happened, although, he didn't actually lose his whole thumb... just part of it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Is Upon Us

Snow! Cold! We have a lot of snow, and it's cold, and it was really cold at the office today... because some of the guys had turned the gas furnace off over the weekend, so it didn't come on like it's supposed to when the wood furnace went out. And today being Monday, it was... cold.

And lots of winter related activities have been going on lately... on Saturday we went out to try and find a birch tree (my Mom has wanted white birch logs to put next to the fire place for a while now) and we ended up getting the car stuck. We then took the truck down to get the car out, and it got stuck too. Finally we walked up a second time and got the tractor with which we plowed the gas line (a big cleared out path that runs through the woods all the way to Philadelphia, and which we had foolishly been driving on) were able to drive the cars back up the hill. We still had no birch tree though, and I got seriously exhausted, as I was sick at the time. But we didn't get the worst of it, our neighbor, Don, who is really old (in his eighties I think) got his tractor stuck, and had to walk two miles to find us all the way out in the woods. Fortunately my Dad was able to get him unstuck as well. 

Sunday we went to the Efthimiou's house for what they and the Cornfields called a "Smashing Chistmas Party" which I assume meant "Great Christmas Party" but I was never really sure about it. We played ultimate frisbee in the snow. And when everybody got in we played a version of the white elephant game, which took forever and ended up with several girls being about the kill each other.

And it snowed again this afternoon. I had thought we were done after the blizzard we had on Friday/Saturday...  but no.

So I'm finally feeling better now... I never got really sick, but I was extremely tired and dizzy, and also rather depressed about life in general. I hope I don't get sick again... this is the second time I've been like that since we came up here to the Inn... so hopefully I'm done.

God Bless

- Andrew 

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Reality vs. Unreality

The guys as we see them:

The guys as they see themselves:

Nicky and Isaac as we see them:

Nicky and Isaac as they see themselves:

Ben in the real world:
Ben in the less than real world:

Mattea in reality:
Mattea in Halo

Alex in reality
Alex in unreality:

I took all these photos at a Halo party I hosted at our house several weeks ago. And, looking back on them, I noticed a certain amount of irony. So what do you think about them?

Do you think that unreality could ever seem more attractive to us than reality?

Do you think unreality can ever become more important to us?

Do you think this is right?

Do you think in the future, unreality could become our entire lives?

Do you think this would be right?

The deep thoughts that I often have during 5 hour halo games.

WILBERFORCE 1 (Andrew in the real world)

Friday, December 07, 2007

A Video I Made On My Mac

This afternoon my Dad was at the office and my Mom and everyone else went to Corning to Ice-skate. So I was alone at the Inn. Now, I walked around this corner and what did I see, one of our walls was completely covered in flies. So I squashed them; and filmed it with my digital camera. Since I didn't have anything else to do really, I downloaded the videos onto my mac and used a couple of programs to dress it up a bit, so anyways, here it is.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shut Out In The Cold

Well, today I went to work in Mansfield and got a ride over with my Grandpa who was going to get firewood from the huge pile we have over at the office as we are almost out here at our house. Unfortunately, my Grandpa, knowing that we were going to arrive much later than Matt Slack, decided to not to bring a key. Now, Unknown to us, Matt Slack, had apparently made much the same decision, that or forgotten his keys. So, when he arrived at the office and found no one else there, and was locked out in the cold (it was really cold, with several inches of snow this morning) he decided to go off to Walmart and buy a hat. Now, about 15 minutes later, Grandpa and I arrived, and found nothing but Mr. Slacks foot prints leading to and from the door. We were very puzzled, and very stuck ... so, we did the only thing we could do... commence to load the firewood. We did this until Mr. Slack got back, at which point we were happy because we thought we could get in, but alas, we soon learned his sad story as well. So the three of us commenced to do the only thing could: load firewood. And this we did until finally Marty showed up, and Marty, had the keys.

That afternoon was kind of tough, because we had to put a minor recall into effect on a secondary installation component. A small recall, that was more of an inconvenience that a problem, but a recall none the less. And I was given the honer of fronting the whole thing... which wasn't exactly fun, as I had to call about sixteen people and explain the situation to them. Fortunately everyone was pretty cool about it, and, as I said, it wasn't a huge problem. None the less, I was glad when my Mom came and picked me up early (after I had completed the list).

Mr. Slack got me today. I was about to walk down across the river to Subway as usual and get lunch, but he saw me and said that since I didn't have a car today and it was so cold I could drive his. "The keys are in it" he said. So I get out to the car, and the keys are no where to be found, I shuffled around for a bit looking for them, and all of a sudden the alarm starts going off. I couldn't figure out what I had done, so I got out, and who is standing in the door way with the keys laughing, but Mr. Slack. So yes, Mr. Slack is a very... special man.

I didn't get a chance to go hunting today. But I did yesterday, and I saw a small buck. I have a personal rule about not shooting anything less than six points though... preferably more (the only one I've ever killed had seven) so I decided not to try and shoot it. I did find this fern root ball that he had dug up from the snow just a few seconds before, and taken a bite out of... I dug it up the rest of the way and brought it back, so yeah... the way this is shaping up, that may be my only memento of this hunting season.

I'm getting all sorts of letters and forms and things from University, and all that crazyness that comes with finishing the enrollment process and trying to get the credits I earned taking college courses online in high school to transfer over.

So thats life right now... my Dad is on his way back from Virginia/Kentucky/Ohio (did I miss anyone) deliveries. We are pretty much settled into the Inn as our home now. There is lots of snow right now.

- Andrew

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Today On Old Post Lane

I haven't been up to much the last couple of days. We would normally have gone to church this morning, but my Dad has this huge trip this week and he needed to get ready for it so we didn't go + my sister was sick, and I had a touch of it myself... so now its been a week since I seen anyone my own age and will probably go another... funny how that happens.

We got a good bit of snow this morning. My Dad made pancakes for breakfast, and then my parents both went to Mansfield so my Dad could load up the trailer for the trip.

This afternoon we helped my Grandpa light off his Greenwood furnace for the first time. We filmed the whole thing because my Dad wants to make a promotional video sometime and we video just about anything that we do like that. 

Now we are watching Narnia, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe.