Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Syracuse NY, Crazy Sound System and REALLY Hot Wasabi

This past Saturday, my Dad and I got up at 4:45 AM to go to a trade show (or I did rather, as neither of the two alarms he set went off... ) We were on the road by five, and after a quick stop in Ithaca to get some pastries at the Ithaca Bakery (not to mention seeing all the hippies) arrived in Syracuse NY about 8:00. We then met with Adam, the Rep from Greenwood who flew out from Seattle WA to help with the show. This was the third day of the show, and it was really busy. Or at least thats what I thought, but Dad and Adam said that it was actually the slowest day yet, so it must have been absolutely insane on the other days! I talked to lots of people and it was a very successful show. After dismantling our booth in a record 13 minutes - and then waiting an hour for forklift service to get the stuff out, we were finally on our way, and man, I was tired.

So on the way back we stopped at this really great Chinese restaurant back in Ithaca where they had this great buffet. And I ate this a squid that looked just like the the one in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea accept it was small enough to eat in one bite (althoug I took several) and it tasted very good. Then I had and oyster, and I have always seen videos where people gulp those things down right off the shell, well, I took one look at the thing, and then took another, and you can see the, ahem, scat, dripping out of the thing. I ended up just picking at the oyster.... Then I had all a lot of great stuff of the more traditional, Americanized kind, and then some sushi that was really good, and I usually don't care so much for that, but this was really good (or maybe it just seemed that way after the oyster) and I tell you, I forgot how hot wasabi sauce is... wooooooooo baby, I can generally tolerate very hot things, and have a bit of a reputation for it, so I just loaded up on the stuff... wooooooo, it's not the actual burn on the mouth that got me, althoug that was bad, it's when your sinuses just say like "ok, we are not going to put up with this any more" and you feel this whole wave of tingling going through the inside of your head and lungs and you pretty much have to spit it out.

The next morning I had to play bass again, and was rather out of it until I got coffee, and even then, I was still rather out of it. And we have been banned from the stage again in the Highschool were we meet, so we were all down on the floor, which was weird, but kind of fun in some ways. Then we started having trouble with the sound... which is never fun. And we were using a percussion set with hand drums and a djembe, and the hand drums were quite, so to here them I had to turn them way up in the mix, but then the djembe was really loud, so whenever he hit it it like blew out my ears... so I had to turn it down, but then I couldn't hear the hand drums, so I had to turn it back up and well, you get the picture. And right at the end of the service when Mr. Snapp was praying and the guys in back did a sound check and there was this huge blast... and I didn't really ever understand why, but there was.

So the past couple of days Mattea and I have been trying to memorize this thing for ATTACC and it's four pages long (my part is about three quarters of it, since I'm the one being interrogated so to speak) and I only had like half of it memorized, so I had to do it with a script, but both of us had not had anytime to dramatize it at all hardly, and the judge didn't get the one joke that I attempted at all, although I thought it was pretty good. But she didn't. So it generally went pretty horribly, but it was mostly my fault for not starting work on it sooner with the volume of information and all (we clocked in an 11 and a half minutes).
So that was the last three days.

God Bless!

PS. Is anyone planning on going to see Amazing Grace when it hits theaters around here? Cuase I really want to as it's Christian, Stars the guy who is probably my fave actor, Ioan Gruffod and I probably didn't spell the right, is about my Ancestor (William Wilberforce) and in general just looks like and awsome movie. If you are maybe we could go together some time.

- drew

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sledding Party

Sledding Party

Today I played bass in church and I didn't mess up!

And then we went to the E's after church to sled on their huge gigantic, titanic, colossal, gargantuan hill that is so steep that it's almost scary just to look over the edge (at least the first time you get there). And I should have a lot of cool video to post. And I think I'm going to be really sore tomorrow, from carrying people up that hill, and sprinting up that hill, and just being around that hill in general. And getting my face quite nearly frozen off a number of times, because the snow was powder and well more than a foot deep and it would just fly up and stick to your face when ever you went down.

God Bless!

note: this was copied from another forum where it was posted yesterday, explaining the date-day discrepancy.

- drew

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Day After Yesterday

It was Valentine's Day. And I was not depressed either! No, I had in fact had enough of depression over such matters and was on a bit of an up swing.

We hung out at the Slacks all day. And Jordan and I played guitar and watched Veggie Tales, and Dug a huge snow tunnel. Then we went home and My Dad and my Brother and I made supper for my Mom and sisters. And I grilled burgers outside (I assume you noticed the weather yesterday)! And my Dad bought a new set of plates that were shaped like hearts and it was a big hit.

Then, after taking note of the howling raging wind and huge snow drifts I decided that it would be a great night to watch The Day After Tomorrow. So I suggested that we invite the Slacks down as they had never seen it before. And to my relative surprise my parents said yes. So we watched it and had a good time, although Mrs. Slack who was still in her pajamas that evening (don't ask) fell asleep on the floor. The Day After Tomorrow is a very good movie by the way. Even in spite of the overused Leftist Dogma. And I actually heard some of you saying it was a depressing movie. How is it depressing? It's fast paced, and as far as the ending goes, the kid makes up with his father; gets the girl; and none of the main characters die! What's "depressing" about that?

I want answers!

- drew


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Most Snow In Years!!!

Well last night we got into Mansfield and met Todd and Zack (some guys that do installs for my Dad) and one of them told me that we were going to get 22" of snow. I didn't really believe him, becuase I had only heard 6" and I was even more sure when we got home and it wasn't snowing.

Sanna greeted me when we came in, and I wonder if Babies always end names that have D's with U becuase after reading Dells blog it occered to me that that is exactaly what Sanna calls (Anu) and she was yelling it when I came in (after she said hit to dad) so when I got in they were just finishing Pride and Prejudice... and we ate spagettie.

So then I went to bed and at about 11 PM I looked out the window and it wasn't snowing at all. So this morning, you can imagine my astonished when I looked out and there was a foot of snow on the ground!!! And Zack was right becuase it's still coming down and we're supposed to get 15" more today!!!

- Anuuuuu!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chinese Fire Drill With Bedrooms

Well, I am slowly but surely recovering and can now eat just about anything that I could before. I'm very happy as bfore I was having to shred anything that was less jellatinous than a yogurt.

We have been overhualing our bedrooms, an activity that we participate in about every year and a half. It is actualy something like a Chinese fire drill, where a car stops and everyone gets out and changes seats, only with furnature and rooms. As people get bigger we need more space so to accomadate this need, we all switch rooms. This may not make very much sense, but it actualy seems to help, at least until a year or so later when wee feel the urgge to do it over again. At this point I have been in every bedroom in the house + the basment. In the new order I am in what used to be the library, namely: the loft. Althoug I don't as much space, it is my own room unlike before, and I have more privacy, which is good. So, once we get finished, are house should seem bigger. At least to us.

- drew

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Super Bowl

We just got back from the Super Bowl Party at the Slacks. The Party was loads of fun! But the game was lousy, at least for me. First off, none of the teams I'm interested in played. Secondly the team that I didn't care about but picked just to be different lost. And thirdly, Jordan and I made a super funny video about how wonderful the Bears were (not because we really cared, but just to spite everyone else) so all our work was wasted.

And I drank two cups of coffee and now am up until the caffeine burns it's way out of my system. But I suppose this is what I get for actually trying to get involved in sports holiday.... they should be banned.

On a lighter note, my teeth feel a good bit better. I was able to eat some wings tonight in fact, an activity I was formerly unsure I would be able to participate in. That was a rather monstrous sentence, eh? So my teeth still hurt, but it is now more of an annoying pain than an 'I wouldn't care if I died right now' pain. So that is a definite blessing. All this time I've started to have a lot more sympathy for my Mom (not to imply that I didn't have much before) knowing how many time she has had to go through this sort of thing and I think in an interesting way it caused me to focus more on God... something that I'm ashamed to say often takes pain to do. Mr. Snapp preached a very good, and convicting message today about not being ashamed of the Gospel. I had not really thought about it the way he put it that much before, and I must say I was convicted.

This is a rather downer post... post but that's what tends to happen when I write at this time of night, so before I say anything really morbid, I'm signing off! ; )

God Bless!

PS. I'll have to show you that video sometime in the future, becuase it's really rather funny, in a lame sort of way, I'll just have to wait till it dosn't matter so much who actualy won. Which shouldn't be long!

- drew