Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your grandchildren may read this

This morning, as I was doing school work, I just had a really cool and somewhat terriffing realization: These blogs are going to be around as long as the internet is! That means that fifty years from now, our grandchilderen may be reading these! For that matter, 100 years from now, after we are dead (at least most of us probably) people may still stumble across these and read them! I fact, I bet in the future, it will probably be home work for students to read blogs from people in the past and do reports on them. I mean talk about primary source documents galore!

I just had that thought and thought I might share it with you.

Van Drew

Friday, February 17, 2006

Hurricane-Blizard-Building-Destroying Thingy.

Hey, checking in from my Grandpas computer. It was a really windy day today. It was really strange because it was this beutiful blue sky with white puffy clouds and bright sunshine. But down here on the ground there were like 40 mph winds and 25 degree temps and it was so windy that my grandpas steel garden shed that he's had since before I can remember got ripped to pieces right before our eyes! Their bird feeder lost it's roof, and that little cuoupolow thing that sits on the roof over the family room got it's roof torn off and dropped into the flowerbed and there are about a million limbs down. And all while my parents are in Vegas. I was up to my house once today and it looked alright though.

So, I hope you are all ok. Any of you get the wind?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

School, Olympics, Los Vegas and Mounties

Got cought by these guys while north of the border. Scary, Eh!

I'll be spending the next few day's at my Grandparents house. My Dad and Mom are off to Vegas (don't ask, it's a long story) with the Micheljohns. Fortunetly, my Grandparents live just down the road, do I'll actualy be spending some of my time back here at the house. I don't know if I'll be able to get my computer working off my Grandpas network, so if I don't, I'll probably be spending a lot of the daytime up here since I need a computer for most of my school work.

So I did bunch of Advanced Aviation Science today, and did well on the end of chapter quize. That's because it was mostly just memorizing rules and protocal. It's all of the graph work that usualy gets me.

I think I want to start my own business. I simply can't think of any thing that I'd want to major in, so, since that's what my Dad does, I may just try it as well.

But this is just idol thought, so....

The Olympics are rather interesting this year. I guess the down hill people didn't know what they were asking for when they said that the course at Salt Lake was too easy! There have been so many accidents! Did you see that one girl on our team who's name I can't remember, fly like 10 feet up in the air, come down into a split and fly off the side of the track and through the snow fence! I was really impressed that she was back on the track tonight. And now Apolo Antwan (however you spell that) is back in competition too. I was really happy to see that. Wasn't are figure skater that came in second last night really wierd though! Not that I really wish to give him to much credit, but I was sorry to have him representing the U.S.

Got a lot of school yet to do this week. I have to do an essay question this week for history. And all my essays have really sucked ever since I've had to start writing them under the half hour time limit and without any prior research. I'm afraid it may start affecting my grade soon. But then, I believe they are graded on a curve, and there are others in my class who havan't been doing so well either to say the least, so perhaps it shant be to bad. But there are some people in there that can write like, a thousand word essay in under the time and have it be really good. I think I'm more around three hundred words, and it's something short of elequent.

Just thinking about all the school I have coming up nearly makes me sick! I have my ten page paper for the PA homeschool diploma program, I have an Bio essay due for AP history. I still need to do more with Aviation Science. And then theres debate and the SAT and lots of crazy stuff of that kind. And now I've been falling behind in my regular studies because of concentrating so much on the AP stuff.


Guten Nacht

Van Drew

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Winter Games

Had fun watching the Olympics last night. Lot's of crazy stuff going on! First, that morning, Michelle Kwen dropped out, which was perfectly shocking! Then Bodey Miller and his partner did an unexpectedly poor job on the Alpine (the French took Gold! Who could have known?). Then, horror of horrors, Apollo, our best speed skater wiped out on his qualifying run! I don't know why he had to tried to pass that Chinese guy! He didn't need to win, just finish in the top three or so, which he have done, but for trying to pass, catching his hand on the Chinese guys blade, and flying off to the side. In all, it would have been a disapointing day for the U. S. but for the usual triumph on the pipe. Shaun White, "The Flying Tomato" almost didn't qualify on his first run, but he managed to pull it off and win gold. The United States took both Gold and Silver in that event. Not quite like the last time in Salt Lake, but a triumph none the less. Still can't believe that about Apollo though.

The weeks started up again. Typical week as far as school goes. I just got signed up for the S.A.T. so if you could all start praying for me now, that would be greatly apreiciated ; ).

My partens and the Micheljohns are going to Los Vegas later on this week for a busines meeting with the managment of the company that supplies my Dad with wood stoves. They were none too happy when they learned it was going to be there, since they don't gamble, and, there are really very few things to do there if you don't (at least I've heard). But at any rate, that's were there headed.

I just watched the Walace and Gromit movie "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" for the first time and it was really funny!

Talk to you all later!


Friday, February 10, 2006

On Mattea's Blog

End of the week! Hooray! Actualy I'm not really done with school yet, but that will come. So... I got two comments on my last post. That's an improvement. Perhaps the flashy colors worked!

We are going to the Spanos tomorrow, which I am kind of exited about because I haven't been there is a rather long time.

I guess that's all. See you Sunday!

PS. I believe Mattea has posted something rather long and rather convicting on her blog about the importants of reading the Scriptures, so you might wish to check it out.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Blog Is Empty!

Is any body out there? I can't really tell any more. My last post was up for five days and it only got one comment! And my post that was up for three days before that didn't get any! That means only one comment on my blog in over a week! And my other two blogs haven't had any comments in a really long time. And the one that I did get on Blitzkrieg wasn't even from anybody I know! What is this world comming to! ; ) I think I may have to start going on the random peoples blogs and leaving comments and my blog address. Do you think my blog is boring? Maybe I should add some flashy colors.


Monday, February 06, 2006

The Random Weekend

Hooray! Pittsburgh won! We had a fun Superbowl party at the Snapps house yesterday. Before that I was at the Rawlieghs where we had drime practice, or should I say Silent Cry. we learned some new verses to the song that we've been working on (although I don't really remember them completely now). It went well, aside from that people kept accidentaly sticking their hand through the Rawleighs ceiling along with Adam trying to kill me from behind. From the there we ocasionaly went out, once to get waffle fries, the next time to get ice... ice, now that was an adventure! PJ suddenly decided that he new how to drive stick... and well.... Actualy he did fine (we only stalled out in spots that were at least sort of conveiniant).

So was it just me, or were the Superbowl comercials particularly dumb and uncreative this year? Ofcourse I didn't see very many of them. Mr. Snapp and the other adults who ocasionlaly had the remote were especialy warey of the inopropriet matierlial and kept changing the channal so that we could watch the most facenateing commentary on the book: The Cold War, a New History. Actualy I did find it at least vuagly interesting, but not to many others did.

Scores didn't get very high in the game either. I think the final score was something like ten to twenty. Not very much scoring took place at all, but then it has happened that way the last couple years. It's like teams are more evenly matched now. Well, there's the expert commentary from the guy who dosn't know anything about football, eh. Heck, the Superbowl is like the only game I watch!

Is S.O.S. this week? If not then I shall probably not see you, or anyone else in the outside world for that matter for the rest of the week.

So... how are all of you guys and girls who have been kind enough to read through this random and largly uninteresting blog doing?


Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Great Quote

"I have no respect for a man who can think of only one way to spell a word."

-President Andrew Jackson

Just inspireing, Eh!

Got go now. Long day of work tomorrow!